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Writer's Block: Unplugged

For how much money would you be willing to spend a whole week away from the Internet, TV, and mobile phones? Would you suffer withdrawal pains?

Just did it. Made it fine.

I think if it DID go away completely, I'd miss mostly the friends I've made online, and I'd have to go back to *gasp* paper letters!

We went to the Animal Kingdom on the 16th. I will be posting a LOT of pictures from this day. But for the first one:

This magnificent fellow sat up and posed for us all -- it's the first time I've ever seen a gorilla; there were four males in this enclosure (we only saw three of them), with a family (father, mother, baby) in another and I believe another family unit. They said they had to keep the un-mated males separated. There are no gorillas in the Phoenix Zoo, and I haven't been to San Diego or Denver since I was little, so I don't remember. This was amazing to see.
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