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November 14 was Day 73

The first in my spammy entries for today, a lovely, relaxing, um... Tuesday! (Barb and I both decided that since this was a short week anyway, and we'd be coming back on Monday, to just take Tuesday and Wednesday off, too.)

Mom and Barb at the walkway into the world:

Epcot was a BLAST. We still didn't see everything, simply because we got there on the last day of the 15th Annual Food and Wine Tasting Celebration, and WOW, the food! We tasted in nearly every country before we decided not to a) spend any more money, and b) we were honestly all getting pretty full. I tried wines and rum drinks and some amazing dishes from Argentina, Portugal, China, Japan, and bunches of others I can't remember.

There was a wonderful, marvelous wine in Argentina called Tardia Bodega that I MUST see if I can find again.
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