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I wish I knew where this week had gone

Other than to a lot of overtime, of course.

I was made cranky by Tea Party crackpot in Alaska claiming that perfectly valid write-in votes shouldn't count if they spelled the name "Murkowski" incorrectly. Um... I think that sort of goes against the whole "Tea Party is All About The Will of the People over Government," doesn't it?

But this picture makes me very happy.

So does this one.

I started taking pictures with my new little camera. So here is one of the first, featuring Bo the Wonder Dog, being a boy dog:

With some sorrow I say that I have been really, really, REALLY enjoying tooling around in the snazzy little red Corolla this week. I figured that since Barb and I both have the week we come back off, I'll take the truck over to Stanley's THEN and have them check the fuel pump, and see how much further in debt I have to go. *sigh*

BUT -- if indeed the truck manages to last until this loan is paid off, this will tell me I can handle a car payment, and I'll get something new(er). Two years. Last me two years, W.L. Just two years.

I just accidentally hit something on the Tivo remote that sent the show I was watching back to the beginning. I wish I knew what I did, I've often wondered how to do that...

Words: 6,474

If you want to give to a worthy cause, consider this one. This bonus photo was taken when Mom and I visited there a few years back:

These little signs were scattered throughout the zoo, talking about the animals and their habitats. Every animal there was native to Belize. I'd hate to see them have to close permanently -- some of the animals they have are some of the last remaining in Belize, and they're trying SO HARD to preserve them!

One more day of work! The new program is ponderous, and slow, and doesn't do a lot of what I think (and several of us think) we need it to do, but we are assured that it is "better" than the old one.


At least we seem to be adapting to it fast enough, and I'm not at all concerned any longer about going on vacation for two weeks and coming back to it.
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