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Because I'm Still Not Nano-ing

I am memeing again. I swiped this one from fenchurche.

Open your music player and select to shuffle the songs from your full collection. List the first 15 songs that play. Worse case, just shuffle your ipod. Tag 15 friends, including me, because I'm interested in seeing what randomly plays from your collection, and don't lie about the obscure horrible stuff that might play:

When It All Goes Down, live, by Cross Canadian Ragweed, from "Back To Tulsa"
Steamroller Blues, Elvis Presley, off "Walk A Mile In My Shoes" (also live)
Sam Hall, by Johnny Cash, from American IV: The Man Comes Around
The Ends of the Earth, "Aladdin" soundtrack
Mr. Smith and Joan, Doctor Who Series Three soundtrack
Living In Your World by Troy Olsen, from the album of the same name
Into the Sunlight, "Hunchback of Notre Dame" soundtrack
Loving Arms, by Elvis Presley, from "Promised Land"
Seventy-Six Trombones, "The Music Man" soundtrack (closing theme)
One Jump Ahead (Reprise), "Aladdin" soundtrack
It Feels So Right, by Elvis Presley, from "The Essential 60's Masters"
A Boy Named Sue, by Johnny Cash, "The Essential Johnny Cash"
My Old Friend The Blues, by Steve Earle, "Guitar Town"
Change The Way I Look, by BR5-49, "Big Backyard Beat Show"
Good Ride Cowboy, by Garth Brooks, "The Lost Sessions"

Well, goodness, nothing came up from The Simpsons, Leslie Fish, Wolfriders Reflections, or Space Ghost. All pretty straightforward Americana, Disney, soundtracks, one show tune and Elvis. The only thing I'm mildly embarrassed by is the Garth Brooks, but I can't help it. I still like him.

Back to trying to write. (3,801 words.)
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