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Trying to Remind Myself That There Is Always More Down

I started to think "Well, things can't possibly get any worse," but then I remembered... (points to chosen title.)

So, I sleep in this morning, get up feeling terrific and get started on my hopefully productive day. I get the dished done, and the first of my sugar pumpkins boiled down and canned (jarred), then hurried over to Costco to full my gas tank and get a few things I needed for the week (like See's coupons so I can bring my mom candy next weekend). Okay, so, I stop at the drug store, get my soda and some new toothpaste for my travel bag, then pulled up to the Costco gas pumps. Pulled up to second in line and... the truck stalled.

And would not re-start. Simply would not. Finally the guy who monitors the pumps comes up and asks if I'm out of gas. I don't THINK I am (the needle is above empty but, admittedly, I have never let that truck get down so low because I have a great terror of having to push a 3-quarter-ton truck), but it's worth a try, so he gets some guys from the tire center to push it to the pump, where I fill up, and...

It still doesn't start. So I think, "well, I'll let it cool down, and we'll see," and go into Costco to get my stuff. I do so, then come out and... it still doesn't start. I call Barb to save me, she calls AAA, and we have the truck towed home. Then we make a reservation with Hertz, because I absolutely HAVE to have a car this week and AAA gives a discount, get Barb's mom's shopping done, and pick up my car.

NOTE: Hertz did NOT require a credit card, but just my driver's license and debit card, and the gal at the desk was apologetic that they had to check my credit rating--no problem--for the rental. Now, for anyone who doesn't remember my rant back a few months about Enterprise Rent-A-Car (ERAC, in my office), this puts a big "favorable" ranking for Hertz in my column, and a big pbbbllllttttt for ERAC. It still bugs me largely because the insurance company I work for is AFFILIATED with ERAC, and they still treated me like that, even when I told them where I worked and they are supposed to give employees a discount, not a hard time.

In any case, now my truck is parked on the curb, and I have a nice shiny red Corolla to use until I can get the truck fixed -- plus, my neighbor, who rebuilds cars, saw the tow truck bring her home and has asked if "we mind" if he looks at the engine for me after work tomorrow. Why no, thanks, that would be awesome.

This is the Phoenix zoo's special guest for the next few months, on loan from the San Diego Zoo:

We have two Koalas on loan right now, Sooky and Kobi, and I'm not sure which this is. They were both being VERY shy and turned away from the eager visitors, but this one did finally turn and give me at least a sharp profile!

The Phoenix Zoo also has on loan for the next few months an Andean Condor, but that fellow steadfastly stayed in the back of the enormous enclosure (one of the reasons the Phoenix Zoo was chosen for his temporary home while the California zoo he lives in is refurbished) and wouldn't pose for any pictures.

And now I shall be Zen. Vacation is on the way. But I will not say, "things can't get any worse." I won't.
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