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Ah, the conundrum --

Getting up early on Saturday morning does truly suck, but my, does it make for a terrific Saturday! Here it is only 8 in the evening, and I've been going going going since around 6:30, when we got up to go out to the ACS Cancer Walk around Tempe Town Lake, which has been all repaired and is once again full of water, fish, and kayaks.

(For anyone who doesn't know, several months ago one of the rubber "bladders" that comprise the dams which hold the water IN Tempe Town Lake -- perhaps one of the largest fake lakes in existence, constructed in the middle of the Salt River bed -- burst, and all the water raced downstream to the Gila River, which is where the Salt River normally goes.)

Then we went home briefly, dropped off the dog (who had not been at all run down by a three-mile walk) and headed out again for the Free Event at the Phoenix Zoo sponsored by my company. YAY, Zoo!

Which does, of course, lead to Day 66, although there may be more than one...

Isn't she lovely? This is the Sumatran tiger:

And just for fun, here's Arizona New Mexico's state bird, no where near the coyote:

Monkeys! The monkey village allows you to get up close and personal:

And birds, lovely tropical birds!

And prairie dogs, being watched over by the neighboring vultures:

There are a LOT more -- but that's enough for now.

Then we came home and I made a lovely beef pot pie, we had Barb's mom over for dinner, and sat down with her, sillymagpie and tiirz. Lovely evening, and now we're watching Victor/Victoria, which I've been in the mood for.

Have written MAYBE fifteen words today. This is not going to go well this year, I'm thinking.

And now tired and ready for bed -- have to Clean All The Things tomorrow, since we wing away to Florida next Saturday!
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