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And then comes the Rant

Listening to NPR this morning, and an interview with Rick Perry of Texas was, quite literally, making flames come out of my ears (seriously, I could have set something on fire). The hypocrisy was absolutely astounding, as with one breath he condemned medicinal marijuana and gay marriage, then said that his call for State’s right was all to do with “freedom.” Freedom for, apparently, healthy rich white straight people only, provided they want to ignore Washington and pay no taxes YET retain all the benefits which taxes pay for. (I don’t know, I don’t like taxes, either, but I DO enjoy roads and police and fire protection and education and nice parks.

Argh, say I. (The only good thing I can say about Perry is at least he’s got the balls to say that Bush is the one who started the mess, with increased federal spending. About time SOME Republican noticed that. I also noted that the printed word sounds somewhat better than the spoken interview, because the excerpts of the book I saw online put it down to a person's choice of whether to live in a state "where gay marriage is legal" or "where everyone totes a gun"... but it's still his choice.)

The one thing which does give me some minor amount of comfort was the obvious, that the Republicans are calling this their “mandate” to rule us like kings, but they really didn’t hear the message which has sent them to congress – “the people” don’t like you any more than they liked the other guy, and if YOU don’t deliver as promised, then you are going to be voted out next time… which, in a backhanded way, will pretty much guarantee Obama a second term.

This from one of the mandated: "If I am fortunate enough to serve as speaker of the House, we will run a much different kind of Congress - one that is humbler, more transparent and respects the will and intelligence of the people," Boehner wrote in a letter to his Republican colleagues Wednesday.

Republicans are gonna be humble. Mmmm. This could be interesting to watch. I almost wish I didn’t have to live here and could watch from the safety of FAR AWAY.

I also wish to hunt down every Democrat who didn’t vote, for whatever reason (especially those who had some weird idea that this would punish only the candidate who lost their vote), and BEAT THEM ON THEIR HEADS.

I am only 2,838 words into my Nano. Serve me right, having a plot or something like that.

I found myself a nice little portable camera for everyday carrying around, but I need to get an SD card for it, because it doesn't have on-board memory (it was v.very cheap at Big Lots). It's a nice little Polaroid, which has pretty amazing capacity considering how cheap it was.

The car repairs cost quite a bit more than I was expecting, but she runs like a dream now (which is no small feat, considering how old she is!), so it was worth it -- I even had to call my credit union to up my debit card limit temporarily so I could pay for it! But it was done and all is well.

Speaking of pictures, I don't really have one for today (day 65), since the truck was in the shop and I didn't carry my camera with me. So, how about a cat?

Adopt one today! * Adopt one today! * Adopt one today! * Adopt one today! * Adopt one today!

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