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Some things I've forgotten

I thought of two TV shows that belonged on my "cancelled too soon/where are the DVDs?" list:

The Lone Gunmen (okay, it was cheesy, but it was FUN)
Titus (best television Dad outside of Red Forman)

Now publicists are sending me CDs and soliciting my opinion in email. Okay, the disc isn't bad, but it's not that great, and I had to carefully arrange my words to say, "I gave it a spin, but it likely will never go into my CD player again" without being insulting. To be honest, it's not bad for mainstream radio-aimed faux-country. But those five words means it ain't for me, and I couldn't in good conscience give a review to "Take Country Back," and someone else at About would be better at reviewing it than me.

I found a place where I can get a reasonable replacement for my stolen class ring, in 18K gold, for about $200. Now I have to save up a little cash. I also some one of these days need to order a replacement for my "wedding" ring (or would be a wedding ring, if, you know), which I shrank out of a while back -- it's a size 9, and I now wear a size 7. I found the guy who makes them online (we got them at the Ren. Faire). He doesn't have the EXACT ring available on the website, so that means I'd have to have it special-made; the close design with the gold rather than silver bar runs $275 (I know we only paid around $100 for them, but that was a long time ago, and they're silver).

I had some other musings to muse on, but I need to wrap my mind around the words I want to use. Mmmm...
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