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Hallloween Friday

Today has been a strangely up-and-down for me; I felt okay this morning, then started to feel groggy in the early afternoon, felt better, then had lunch and REALLY felt sick and am still a little strange in the stomach (making me wonder if my chicken sandwich wasn't all it could have been).

But it was a good day overall. Cookies and popcorn balls and chips & seven-layer dip, the usual festivities, costume contest, which leads to...

But I am IN it, and I'm fairly certain most people will know instantly what my unit dressed as this year:

And when half of us went to the cafeteria later, everyone cheered. Hee.

It is hot in Phoenix. Too freakin' hot to wear my pretty velvet dress (to be a vampire), I think, although I may try. If it IS over 90 tomorrow, which they suggest it might be, I might dig out my scrubs and go as a doctor again, because at least they're cool.

Finally watching the week's shows. Great Chuck (Robert Englund, hee), I didn't HATE The Rocky Horror GLEE Show, but it was pretty weak. At least Will apologized for his creepy stupidity earlier in the show, and realized why he was doing what he did. I did like Stamos' version of Whatever Happened To Saturday Night?, but he's no Meat Loaf. Of course, I've been listening to my show tunes playlist on my iPod almost non-stop for the last month, and I have both versions of Rocky Horror loaded, so I've really overdosed lately. Won't stop me from watching it again on Sunday, tho'.

And now I will ponder that most important of questions, is it a baby, or a snail?
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