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It was an EXCEEDINGLY long day

Even for a Monday, it was a very long day.

We were busy, busy, BUSY. Extra heavy mail day and FIVE people out (two scheduled vacations, one on deployment to another department, one long-term medical leave, one called in sick), so ended up working an extra hour and 45 minutes to get everything done -- but done we did get, at least.

Whew. Team leader will be back tomorrow so I can stop being her (as I have been for the last three days).

Am definitely feeling better, although tired.

Cat videos make everything better.

Also saw a terrific story about a "suspicious box" where they called in the bomb squad, and fortunately they x-rayed the box first (instead of just blowing it up), because it had kittens in it! (Brevard County, Florida.) Happy ending, all around. One kitten is up for adoption, and the other ran off into the woods, but a woman who lives nearby does humane captures of strays, so it's likely he'll be captured quickly.

Nothing better than a box of kittens.

Had some leftovers for dinner, now sitting back with my feet up. Only 14 working days until DisneyWorld. (Now I''m starting to seriously count! Vacation SOON!)

Dog is bored. Bored dog.
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