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Crawling From The Abyss

I was looking over my journal entries and realized that Day 50 must have been Tuesday, not Monday. But I'm not entirely sure where I am, because my brain has been slogging through the virtual sludge of post-cold doldrums (how's that for prose?), and tweeting the word "hypothetical" when I meant "rhetorical."

Anyways, I took some pictures but haven't posted anything since Tuesday, so I have a lot to catch up on.

This is my dashboard. I spent something over an hour a day looking at it:

This is the fountain in front of the office building across the street from our office. I think it would look better if they straightened out the fountain part itself, but the stone bridge is very pretty:

A carefully sculpted sage bush, which has dared to bloom pretty purple flowers anyway:

Not an interesting run of days, but at least I was mobile.

I'm overall feeling better, but I was pretty shaky when I got home today and had to sit down before getting supper ready. I was in the mood for Mexican food so when I stopped at CostCo to pick up my prescription I got some tamales and taquitos, had Barb make guacamole, and chopped up tomatoes and shredded cheese. With an Oak Creek Brewery beer, and nom. I did nom, indeed.
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