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And now the rest of the story

"They sound good in my brain, then my tongue makes not the words sound very good. Formerly!

Have spent the last two days either sleeping or laying on the couch catching up on Bones on Hulu and then the second half of Season Two of Veronica Mars. framefolly loaned me VM a while back and while I finished S1 some months ago, I haven't taken the time to watch S2. I can see I would have been a serious VM fan girl, had I twigged onto it when it was on the air, and could even be enticed to write Logan fanfic. (Of course, I suppose had I not seen Json Dohring as Josef on Moonlight first, maybe I wouldn't have felt the same way about him.)

Am in that period of "feel good while laying down, but getting up and DOING anything wears one out instantly" post-coldness; with largely just exhaustion and a dry, unproductive cough that makes the throat hurt some.

But it does mean that, like Day 49, Day 50 will be an old photograph.

Dory, to go along with the Marlin and Nemo I posted a couple of days ago.

Of course, it's thrown off my entire internal time-keeping schedule. I saw someone posting about last night's House, which I completely forgot about, so I'm glad my Tivo caught it for me. Unfortunately for me, I have found that Hulu does NOT post entire episodes of How I Met Your Mother. Boo.

I have three lovely sugar pumpkins, and I'd better feel better in time for a) vacation, and b) cooking season.


Video: The stupid, it burns.

The worst thing is, it's still way too hot in Phoenix. I haven't watched any news in three days (another thing that's thrown my schedule off), so I really don't know if last week's predicted cooldown is coming, or if I'm just sweating here because the sofa is leather and I've been sick.
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