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Two Years, Where Has the Time Gone?

Some spouses get flowers on an anniversary, mine gave me a cold... (Of course, since I was laboring under the delusion that today was actually the 16th, I didn't even realize it was TODAY! Therefore, I didn't give her anything... I am very bad.)

I'm also a couple of days behind on posting photos, but I'll go ahead and post them all in one post rather than spamming my friends' lists.

This would have been Thursday, October 14:

I'm guessing there are a lot of street corners out there that look like this. I think there are many of us tired of all the debris.

And now for Friday, October 15:

The Tempe Butte. It's been vandalized (a lot of graffiti), it's covered with wires and pipes and a big water tank, and it is, really, a bit ugly up close, but from a distance it's rather nice.

Saturday, October 16:

My assistants in laundry folding. They're always very helpful.

And that takes us to today, which is Day 48...

This is the tapestry that my Aunt Carole gave us for said wedding day. Because of its loose weave, there are a few cat-induced snags, but it's still very pretty. This is the best shot I could get of it -- with the flash you can see each individual thread and it looks like one of those fine-patterned suits on a old black-and-white show...

Time for dinner. My lovely wife made pork chops. I had meant to take her out for dinner tonight, but since she's recovering from a cold and I'm coming down with one, a home-cooked meal is just dandy...
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