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Various and Sundry

I have tried to upload a new icon (Sean Patrick's family crest), but it's a TIF file and I can't seem to make it a GIF without losing parts of the picture. Hmmm. I'm currently out of icon ideas, what a tragedy!

But I got my reviews done today after much stalling and putting-off. I only got the CD on Saturday, and listened to it yesterday, and then had to do some creative writing to make it sound reasonable enough when, to be honest, I didn't care much for it. (Someday I want a paying review job where I can say "it stinks!" when I think it does...) It was from the guy who does the "Yahoo!" yodel on the commercials, BTW. He's an okay western singer, but I don't like his voice much.

So, if it's not horribly tacky, I'm going to drop a hint about something I'd like for my birthday next month, right here.

For some reason I never seem to have any time anymore. I get home, I do my workout, and then suddenly it's time for bed.

Today I found out that the volunteer work I've been doing through my work is being discontinued. Apparently, making blankets for homeless children is not considered to be a part of my company's "Philanthropic Ideal." In other words, it doesn't make them any money. Irritating, because it doesn't cost 'em, either. I'm hoping I can find a place where I can continue to donate personally; in the meantime, when I'm finished up these last few blankets for them, maybe I can finish some of the projects I started before I got involved.


Jul. 15th, 2004 07:58 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I know. I wish I'd been able to afford the "Van Helsing" one before they sold out. Never saw the movie, but pretty doll! We got Spike and Angel just in time, it seems.

I'm certain I'll find someplace to donate finished blankets to. Very irritating about the office, though. It was a nice thing to put on the performance reviews.

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