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Bake Sale Day!

Bake Sale days are dangerous.

Someone on our campus has made, every year, for the United Way bake sale, these candies she calls "Chocolate Volcanos." This is a chunk of home-made marshmallow smothered in home-made caramel smothered in smooth dark chocolate. It's actually better than See's "Scotchmallow," which is one of my favorites. They are to die for. And there were Scotcheroos and Mud Pies, too. I was very bad. Hey, it's for a good cause, right?

But my camera's batteries died, and so I missed out on getting an awesome picture of Bo, who climbed up on Barb's lap while she was in the recliner, and curled up there with his tongue lolling out. I was sad. Batteries were put in charger, and so Wednesday's picture will be something less fun.

As you go northward in the Valley, houses get larger and their yards become xeroscaped (desert landscaping instead of grass). I took a picture of this fairly impressive Joshua tree in someone's front yard.
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