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Extremely Lazy Sunday

Which is also day 41.

Most of the day I've sat around alternating between doing writer's critiques and putting books I've read into my Good Reads account, watching stuff off the DVR (OMG, Fringe is getting SO GOOD!), and then I up and decided I needed cinnamon rolls, so I made some. They're good. I wanted to eat another one just now but I compromised and cut one in half. Nom.

Now I'm watching the "Life" marathon on Discovery, wishing that tomorrow wasn't Monday (mail holiday, but I still have to work), and generally haven't enjoyed an extremely lazy weekend all around. Yesterday I made an enormous mess cooking up chicken wings and having a variety of snacky foods for the evening's repast and a few more episodes of Farscape. Otherwise, did not get a great deal done this weekend.

So naturally, no interesting pictures, but

The worst thing about these marathons is a new episode starts and you get interested but then notice it's bedtime... this episode, REPTILES!!! (They just showed Fish.)
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