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A Couple of Days in a Row

Tuesday, Day 36: Many people have probably heard about the storms that crashed into Phoenix (and all of Arizona, really) on Tuesday. I took several pictures on Tuesday afternoon.

This appeared, a little faded, but pretty, on the sky as I came home:

I took that through the windshield at a red light. I tried to get a few more when i got home, but none of them were much better. It wasn't a very bright rainbow.

The skies darkened again, and it looked like this:

Then came Wednesday, Day 37,

Camelback Mountain, in all its glory, and the old Bedrock-style bank building on the corner of 44th Street and Camelback Road:

And then today, Day 38,

This isn't a BAD shot of the sun coming through our stained glass window, which Barb's Aunt Elizabeth made for us:

The storms may have affected last night's dream, where Barb and I were in the living room watching it rain, hard, and I then realized that the water was all the way up to our porch and across the street entirely -- then a giant wave came rushing up the street and I remember panicking as I woke up. Not sure what it means when you dream of cataclysmic flood. (And, oddly, should our neighborhood actually flood THAT badly, the wave would have been going the OTHER way, not uphill, as it did in the dream.)

Our current bosses are telling us not to take anything for granted and make sure we're ready for disappointment when the word comes down as to where they're going to put the new Imaging units. The comments on the office Intranet are heartbreaking, for people in our units who are totally out of luck -- living no where NEAR a Tech Center, as we are here in Phoenix/Tempe -- since the Company isn't moving people, anyone who wanted to move to keep their jobs would have to move themselves -- and who is going to go through that, including uprooting their families and trying to sell their houses, in this economy, for a $36,000-a-year job?

If they DON'T select Tempe/Phoenix for an Imaging Center, then I am out of luck, and I am terrified. And today my truck's starter ignition is getting stuck -- really stuck, so I have to fiddle with it to get it to turn over. (And I can't take the bus anymore, Phoenix Metro downsized all the routes that could get me to work on time.)

I'm scared. I'm depressed. I went into my 401K and upped my paycheck contributions -- might as well get as much as I can before the $#%@ hits the fan. I've been barely able to save a couple hundred bucks in my ordinary savings accounts, and I had been hoping to take SOME of that to Orlando.

I know I'm a good worker, and I'm really good at my job. But if they don't put the Imaging Center here, where can I go? Every unit I have ever considered posting out to is in the same "downsizing" boat -- sometimes I wish our company would just SUCK IT UP and instead of doing all this dancing around, just do layoffs. I know they're proud they never have before, and always crow about how they don't do that, but seriously -- this uncertainty is stressful. If! If! If!

The funny thing is, we're still getting all the new equipment and new program that they've been developing. They're going to be spending all this money on this, and then getting rid of most of us?


I'm going to make Thai cabbage wraps again tonight. This time with ground turkey. I hope it comes out good.
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