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Saturday, Day 33, Which I Meant To Post Saturday

Not sure what happened to yesterday evening. Things went very, very fast. For anyone who knows edgedancer, his mom is in the hospital and things haven't been good, so if you have a chance to spare a thought or two for her, I'm sure it would be appreciated.

We hosted a typical evening, although my new Blu-Ray player wouldn't play the home-made discs tiirz brought (boo!), so we watched Some Like It Hot in tribute to Tony Curtis, then decided to continue with our re-watch of Farscape even if our beloved framefolly isn't here anymore to watch it with us. We ate the grass-fed beef hamburgers we bought at the Farmer's Market with equally fresh veggies (we're so environmentally aware!) and some more of my leftover birthday cake (the Giant Chocolate Cake from Costco, which freezes nicely).

I feel very tired this morning, despite a good night's sleep. I had a strange dream which I can't remember much of, but I remember a strange house, a woman I had to assist, a tiny hand-made table and chairs I was trying to fix, and a couple of Roombas that I had to catch and empty of dirt so they'd work again. (Although the Roombas did look a lot more like Moya's little DRDs.) Maybe all that housework while I was sleeping made me tired.

The Farmer's Market we go to is up at a pretty little park, and this week, there were

Baby goats!

They were adorable. The booth actually specialized in things made from goat's milk (cheese, lotions, etc.), so I'm assuming one of their nannys just had some kids, although the sign said these were being bottle-fed, so perhaps they'd been orphaned. In any case, they were VERY cute, even if they were so intrigued by the little girl on the other side of their cage they wouldn't turn around for the camera!

Bonus shot, more cuteness:

My foot hurts again this morning. Probably is plantar fascia, like everyone says, although there doesn't seem to be any swelling, just the pain. And "worse in the morning," like Google Health says (behold the Interwebs, the joy of hypochondria!) -- but there's a lot of varying information. One says not to wear backless sandals, but my Skecher "Fitflops" feel pretty good with their thick, soft soles.
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