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And Today Would Be Day 31

Well, today we FINALLY got the word that it's official -- for the last couple of years they've been hinting that our unit (Imaging) would eventually be consolidated into centrally located Imaging Centers, going from the 21 Zones to three centralized centers at our tech service centers (which, fortunately, one of is in Phoenix -- the other two are in Dallas and Atlanta). It means some serious upheaval, but they said the moves should be completed by the end of 2011. It leaves me with the choice of trying to compete to keep my own job (which I like) or try to post out to some other department. The Company is a good one, and will do their best to keep us all employed (there will be some attrition and retirements, with no replacements, of course), so I'm not really worried about having a job when the dust settles, but I have that vague feeling of unease that comes with such announcements. Should I get to stay with Imaging, it's a good bet we will be moved to the actual, physical ISC building, which is closer to home and on this side of the river, so I could bike there (it's also right on the Light Rail), giving me some options other than driving to work.

Pros and cons. It may force me to decide to try another department (why is it when Corporations go through BS like this, it's always Administrative Services that gets kicked in the teeth?), but we shall see.

ANYWAY, I don't know if it's the vague unease or if I'm really coming down with something, but I feel as though something's coming on me, and it may actually BE something, since I literally couldn't get out of bed this morning, and slept pretty much until I HAD to get up, get dressed, and hurry to work.

Celebrity 1-2-3:

Gloria Stuart -- I have to respect an actress who chose the theatre over what could have been a lucrative film career; and she was still pretty awesome by the time she made Titanic;

Arthur Penn -- they’ve been talking about his great contribution being Bonnie & Clyde, but my favorite film of his was the sublimely wonderful Little Big Man, which I haven't seen in WAY too long and need to see again. He was an astounding director;

And today:
Tony Curtis -- it's very rare that someone like him passes away and all the news reports focus on my favorite piece of their work, but this time, all I kept hearing was "Best known for the cross-dressing comedy, Some Like It Hot." Oh, sure, there was brief mention of The Defiant Ones and Spartacus, but the focus was all on starring with Marilyn Monroe. (No mention at all of my OTHER Curtis favorite, The Great Race.) And the only place I heard the name of his equally famous daughter was on the NBC and CBS Evening News coverage.

I couldn’t help but be vaguely amused by the fact that when you’re in your 80’s and an ex-president, a tummy ache means top of the news and a trip to the hospital. For the rest of us, it would have probably called for some Pepto-Bismol and a nap... (Okay, I see on the news that it really was a stomach virus, but STILL...)

Happy Anniversary, Flintstones! Man, I want those on DVD! (They're sitting on my wish list at Amazon.)

Today's picture,

Would you believe this tree, which now dominates our back yard, was once our Christmas tree, and stood in a pot in the living room?

We planted it in, I believe, January of 1993, which, luckily, was extremely rainy and wet (the Salt River actually flowed through the city for months, and tore down the new construction on the northbound Mill Avenue Bridge); the rain helped it survive, and of all the Christmas trees we planted through the 90's, this is the only one left healthy and fully alive (you can see the stump of the second tree, which survived for a while but came down last year, chronicled in Barb's journal). The others usually lasted into the summer and then died, and there's one left in the opposite corner which is slowly dying of whatever killed #2.

Made potato-leek soup with chicken sausage for dinner. Nom.
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