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Day 30, Double Workout Day

So. Last night I knew I would be too tired to get up early for a workout, so I determined I'd go after work. Cool so far.

Work was normal, nothing out of the ordinary. Had a pretty good day overall; good weigh-in (I'm participating in "the Biggest Loser" in our office), work got done, no stress, sounds great!

Got to the gym, put my purse in the back on the floor as I always do, locked up, and went inside. Was putting work clothes in the locker when I thought, "Hey. Where are my keys?" Searched through my pants, through my bag, nada. Dang it. I'd carelessly dropped them in my purse. With the spares, even. D'oh. So I figured I'd do my workout, since Barb wouldn't be home for at least an hour anyway, and then call her.

But she was on the road when I called her cell phone, and she didn't recognize the number anyway, and since she wasn't home yet to pick up, I wasn't sure what to do -- wait around the gym and chance catching her, or walk home? I decided to walk home. Took about a half-hour, Barb was home (and told me about my phone call), and so I grabbed my other spare keys and went back to get my truck. (There are reasons why I have so many spare sets of keys. I guess I need to put one in my gym bag, too.)

Another in a series of Cat Photographs, this one once again playing with settings:

I'm fairly certain nutmeg3 will know what I'm watching there.

And now, being hungry and tired, will go have dinner.
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