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Day 29, Overtime Tuesday

Oh, hooray, the Grand Ole Opry House has been rebuilt, restored, and finished! They even dried out and restored the sacred wood from the Ryman House.

Was up before dawn again today to get to work by 6, and with some dedicated work, we got caught up (now let's see if we can STAY that way). Tomorrow the supervisors are going to have a telephone conference to see if they can tweak and adjust. Things would be okay if the Pac Northwest office would get in gear (I know they have a lot of work, but seriously -- in years gone by they've asked us how we do things, how we keep on schedule, and we shared... and they deliberately chose to continue doing things their way. Cool. But hey, don't blame us when you fall three days behind!).

And just because I do occasionally like to get up early does not mean I'm some sort of weird freak. Honest. We're early(ish) risers here. I realize that puts us in a weird minority in fandom, but there it is. *grin*

It seems to me that had someone (who I won't name) hadn't squandered away a surplus and then further cut taxes, we not only wouldn't have such a vast deficit, we'd have money to shore up a crumbling infrastructure and to fund major disasters. Isn't that how we're supposedly taught, to hold onto our savings in case of emergency?

Ah, if only I'd stuck it out and gotten my diploma!

Why do Americans have such short, short, SHORT attention spans? Obama's been in office less than two years, and apparently he was "full of empty promises" and they're ready to bring back the same people who put us in this hole in the first place? Argh.


I had been hoping to get a good shot of the thrasher that was out there digging in the freshly-watered dirt, but alas, being as he is the same COLOR as the ground, none of those pictures really came out very well, so, here's the orange tree and my windchime:

Dinner is ready and Barb's not home. There is salmon in wine in the oven and a pot full of cous cous & corn on the stove. Nom.
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