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Day 27, I Missed a Sunday Post

Well, I spent a lot of Sunday recovering from Saturday and did something I haven't done in a while... just read a book. Had on the last Diamondbacks home game (had we played like that the whole season, we may have made the post-season) for background noise and basically did little else. We took Barb's mom out to lunch (and found out that the little pub where we like to eat once in a while does not actually SERVE lunch until noon, so we actually had breakfast again).

Was 165 on Saturday morning, 167 on Sunday morning, and 169 on Monday morning. I don't get my weight these days. Doesn't seem to matter what I eat. I can drop a few pounds when I'm REALLY good for several days, but if I have one largish meal, it ALL comes back.

The upshot is I did nothing and therefore took no pictures. This is a very difficult meme for me because we so rarely DO anything worthy of commemorating in photos -- you've already seen what I see pretty much daily. So I'm gonna start cheating here every so often, and post pictures I've taken on trips where I DID do something.

I took this picture in the aquarium at Epcot Center last year in Florida. I'm extremely fond of out how it came out, and am currently using it as my wallpaper:

Back on overtime, so I'll post Monday and today later.
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