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I was awakened from a restful, sound sleep at about 11:05 last night by the sound of thunder crashing directly over the house. It rattled the walls and very briefly flickered the power, which did nothing but make the stereo start flashing (it doesn't have much of a backup) and made the computers reboot. The storm lasted for about a half-hour, and amazingly, dropped nearly 2 inches of rain on parts of central Phoenix. I don't think we've had that much rain, certainly not all at once, in years. (There hasn't been any rain here in the Valley since April.) However, the drawback in this is making the discovery that one's windshield wipers don't work. Okay, they DO work, but all too well. I have a switch that turns my wipers on gradually, so they can either go slow or fast. There was still a lot of rain on my windshield this morning, so I clicked to make it swipe once. Instead, the wipers came on full blast, and they would not shut off. I had to fuss and fiddle with the danged thing until they would stop in a place where they weren't blocking my vision. Argh. Fortunately, not a massively important repair here, but one I'll have to take care of sooner or later. It will rain again. I hope.

Today a friend on a list posted this: "I have yet to figure out how allowing gay couples to marry would destroy family values. Choosing to be in a committed relationship promotes monogamy and the sanctity of family."

I thanked her for that one. :)
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