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Nommy foods, no pictures yet...

I know, I'm behind again on the pictures posting, but I'll get to them later this afternoon, provided I get home at a decent hour. I worked late yesterday, then stopped a couple of places for errands, and finally got home after five, whereupon I started dinner:

Thai Cabbage Wraps:

2 Tblspns fish sauce
2 Tblspns lime juice
1 tsp. ground chili (chili powder)

Heat together, then add:
1 lb ground meat (have used beef, last night diced chicken breasts fine, pork also good)
1/4 cup shredded onion (I just slice thin)
3 green onions, chopped
12 mint leaves, chopped

Serve on cabbage leaves.

I've also added chopped carrots to the recipe, and you can add crunched-up rice sticks for added flavor and texture. I also sprinkled in a little Trader Joe's hot chili oil, and the chicken wasn't too spicy. It's usually served as an appetizer at Thai restaurants, but I can't recall the Thai name for it (you know, "Number 6" or something... *g*). We made it with beef on Saturday and I liked it so well I thought I'd make it again, since we had plenty of cabbage and mint left; but we only eat red meat on the weekends now, so chicken it was! Came out pretty darned good.

I have taken several pictures the last few days, but mostly of the sky -- still, just haven't uploaded them yet.

Watched NCIS last night, pleased with the conclusion of last season's VERY intense cliffhanger. I never did warm up too much to Jenny as Director, but Leon rocks. Have a ton of things already on the DVR to catch up on. Since Barb has been working late, too, we haven't watched House, I haven't watched Chuck (and the start of both of those at the same time means I missed the opening of How I Met entirely), Castle, Glee, or The Ev3nt, although I read the latter is not a fitting followup to the much-missed FlashForward, I'll still give it a try. Also DVR'd the new Hawaii Five-0 and I think a few other things, plus I was already a week and a half behind on Craig Ferguson.

Curse you, Tivo. (I didn't mean it, you know I love you!)
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