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Day Twenty, sunsets and television SF

Have Deep Space Nine and Babylon 5 reached "classic" SF stage yet? Finished up with the two-hour Series Finale of Deep space Nine today, cried a little (yes, dang it, I cry at just about everything), and then watched all the bonus features, then decided to put in Babylon 5, although I have started with Season 2 (other B5 fans will understand why). Sadly, my new Blu-Ray player and giant HD TV are showing me the shortcomings of having bought cheap-ass knock-off copies on eBay (which I did, of course, because original B5 releases here in the States were appallingly expensive). Some of these episodes look like second-generation video copies from television. Phoo. A couple of months ago, though, CostCo had the entire series available for more than a 1/3 less than it originally sold for, so if they show up again, I will be actually buying them.

Cheap usually does mean you gets what you pays for.

Now, I will say that Bab-5 could be somewhat ponderous and self-important, but dang it, the story was so good, and the actors (for the most part) could more than deliver lines as ponderous as these could get (especially the astounding Andras Katsulas as G'Kar).

But back to DS9 -- I'd never seen the ending before, and it was very tear-jerking, and SO well done. It was exactly the way I like those kinds of series to end: It was an ending for the series, but you know the characters went on. Some left the station, some stayed in new capacity, some just continued doing the same jobs... in other words, life goes on. It surprised in many places, and definitely satisfied. Having rented the whole thing from NetFlix, I have to say... I still want to own it. There have been other shows I've rented and having re-watched them, gone and taken them off my Amazon list--but not this one. In fact, I'd like it in Blu-Ray, now I have the ability to watch same.

Discovered that with the Blu-Ray and the Hi-Def TV, that shows on DVD appear in the ratio they were shot in (in other words, DS9 appeared centered in a square with bands on the sides, while Finding Nemo in wide screen fills the ENTIRE SCREEN (no black bands on top and bottom, just... wide screen).

Today's photo shall be

The kids down the block were having a good time today:

And since it was another scorchingly hot day for September, this did look like a great deal of fun!

Another shot of the pretty late summer sky from our driveway, which faces west (so we get a lot of these...):

As Arizona is renown for its sunsets, I hope to catch more of these as the year goes on. I haven't even come close to getting a spectacular one.

As an aside, Ivanova ROCKS.

I like this photo, too.

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