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Day Nineteen

So I swung up to the corner of Camelback Road and 44th Street, hoping for a good shot of the mountain itself (Camelback Mountain, probably the most noticeable landmark in the Phoenix valley), but I discovered instead

I could get a really, REALLY clear shot of the Camelback Castle, a multi-million dollar mansion that went on the market some years ago, so I got to "see" the inside when some local reporters went up to tour it and showed the interior on the local news. It's an AMAZING house, made of local stone, so it's usually pretty hard to see. Back then, though, that white one in front of it wasn't there. It's much newer, and probably more expensive (and much more obtrusive in the view, dang it).

I'd love to get up there to see it for real, but I have a feeling the neighborhood watch would call the cops if my rattletrap old Suburban was seen on the winding mountain drives...

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