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Day 17, a real post this time

Seeing Betty White always pleases me. I wonder if I should start trying out for more plays. I'm reaching the age at last when a character actor's career actually begins. (Of course, if I weren't so lazy to begin with, maybe I'd have made something of myself more than a cube monkey in a mailroom job...)

This morning I got up and headed out to the gym, fixed up my stuff, and headed out. When I got there, I realized my water bottle was missing. How odd, thought I, it must have fallen out in the car. After workout, found nope, not in car. Okay, must have left it in the yard. When I got home, nope -- not in the yard. Not in the foyer. It was, in fact, on the sofa. Fortunately NOT chewed up, and only a little spilled. I think some dog stole it out of my workout bag. Must remember NOT to put it down there until I actually leave.

I have only two episodes left of Deep Space Nine. I never did watch very much of Season 7, and missed the ending completely, and I'm really wondering how they'll wrap everything up. I believe they knew they were cancelled and had to finish, so I'm pretty sure it won't end on another cliffhanger, but man, S7 was good. Much better than I'd been led to believe. I even like the much-maligned Ezri Dax (who really was not to blame that Terry Farrell left the show). I watched 12 episodes this last weekend, and would have finished it up except it was getting late Sunday night. But the main thing I remember about that final season was feeling somewhat sorry for the actor Armin Shimmerman, because as DS9 was cancelled, his role as Snyder in Buffy the Vampire Slayer was ending, as well... (not that Snyder didn't deserve to be eaten, but still--if I remember correctly, the final ep of DS9 was broadcast on the same day as the season 3 finale of BtVS in Phoenix, as they were both in syndication.)

I also finished reading Great Expectations, and while I realize it was considered one of his finest works, it left me sort of... meh. As always, excellently written, brilliantly conceived, but somehow, all those lovely Dickensian coincidences and twists and turns didn't really go anywhere, and I was left very down by the ending (and I have an edition that had both Dickens' original ending, and the somewhat more "heartening" one his buddy Bulwer-Lytton told him to change it to; I do think, depressing as it was, his original ending was probably better than the "less depressing" one was).

A couple of days ago, Michael McKean (of Spinal Tap) was tweeting a number of humorous asides about Arizona, mostly about Jan Brewer but at least one about the state itself, and I had to tweet back, begging him not to judge us all by the wingnuts who appear to represent the state -- and he tweeted me back! (I don't usually expect the celebrities I follow to actually, you know, talk to me or anything.) Then it occurred to me that McKean may be one celebrity I've known and liked longer than most; I was a fan way back in his Lenny days (Laverne & Shirley).

I have to admit a certain fondness for Twitter. I don't tweet much myself, but I enjoy reading a number of the folks I do follow, and it's been very nice to have up-to-the-minute tweets from CNN. Enough that I almost (almost) want to set up my phone so I can receive tweets through the day. (It's a true sickness.)

We've watched all three seasons of The Guild (short episodes), and it's fun. It makes me want to try some online games, and now that people are talking about how LOTR Online has gone free... (fenchurche is an enabler!)

Of course, right now "free" is the only thing I CAN afford -- this month is car insurance, property tax, and next month is homeowners insurance. And the truck is acting up (the "check engine" light came on this morning, but it turned off again and I'm hoping I can ignore it for a few months).

As I drove up the ramp in the parking garage this morning, I saw a rather sizable flock of grackles hanging out on our building across the driveway:

Bonus Photo:

And they were also playing in the trees:

I have the new sound system set up, and I need to get an HDMI cable and I can finally hook in the DVD-R, as well. I can't figure out how to hook in the VHS/DVD combo, though (and I'm not ready to just stop having a VHS, not yet), but I hope I can eventually, even if only to run it through the DVD-R and then to the TV. The Blu-Ray player is an AMAZING step up from the old DVD player; the clarity and crispness of the Deep Space Nine DVDs was remarkable (especially the mid-90's CGI, rather impressive for the time). The DVR complicates things in ways that the "how to" charts don't configure yet... (The "how to" for Tivo itself allows for one extra machine, but not two.)
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