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Day Fifteen and Sixteen

Epic FAIL.

I did not carry my camera with me on Monday, and on Tuesday, I simply didn't see anything worth taking a picture of (well, I DID, but I was driving 65 MPH on the freeway and was unable to capture the shot of the heron banking close to the bridge over the Salt River -- it was AWESOME).

However, I will post a couple of older pictures I haven't posted yet, and hope that counts...

The jewelry box I bought with Mom's Birthday money:

And in a fit of Uber-Geekiness, I took this picture of myself to send to ThinkGeek for a Customer Action Shot (eating with Light Saber chopsticks from a Ceramic Noodle Cup wearing a "Random Japanese Characters" t-shirt, all purchased from ThinkGeek; I swear I woudl shop there every day if I could afford it...):

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