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I managed to find a few things I'd lost in this sucking swamp which is my office, but I really need to knuckle down and really clean up in here. The cobwebs (full of cat hair) behind the desk are appalling. But who cleans behind the desk? It's not like it moves or anything... I have stacks and stacks of CDs which really need some kind of organization behind them. Largely they're ones that I've reviewed recently, but some are just ones I was ripping copies of for friends that haven't made their way back to the shelves (no one heard me say that). I've given up on alphabetizing these discs, I think. There's just no space. I need more of the deluxe carriers so I can get rid of more jewel cases. Some recommendations from the reviewer: Chris Richards-- "Tumblers & Grit"; Dale Watson-- "Dreamland"; Mark Brine-- "Fortunes." I have two others in my desk that need listening to, but I have been putting them off.

I haven't touched my guitar in weeks. I wonder if I could actually make myself a daily schedule and stick to it. You know, mark down the hours after work so I actually do more than piddle around on the internet for hours and then goof off some more.
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