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Day Twelve and Thirteen

I'm condensing two days into one, although that may not be strictly legal. I didn't post yesterday because once again I was moody (and I'm staving it off today because, dang it, I don't want to be), and I'm tired of the whiney-complainy posts. I'm a moody, cranky, irritable bitch, I just have to deal with that. *grumph* No!

Pictures, instead.

The place where I spend at least 7 hours and 45 minutes of my life, five days a week:

Am I the only cubicle monkey I know? I've noted that many of my flist have actual OFFICES...

Okay, I will try to reduce use of this annoyingly attractive cat in this meme as the days progress, but I was once again playing with the "extreme close up" setting, and this time it worked pretty well, because of the lighting in the dining room. Also, if you look at what he's sitting next to, you can see something else that fenchurche is responsible for! *grin*

I really need to actually DO yoga every day. Relax, center, and de-stress. Yes, that's the ticket. Om.

Yes, I remember what today is. But the cynicism which came as a result of This Day in History has not yet left me, and it's hard to reconcile. And of course, I remember once when my mom and I were given the room 911 in a hotel, and she said that number should be taken out of hotels, and I asked her if they should have done the same with 127, and she couldn't think of why (admittedly, she was only six at the time, but still, if a Date is going to Live in Infamy, shouldn't it?). There are soldiers fighting in Afghanistan now who were nine years old then and only vaguely remember; kids starting high school this year were only five. How much do they remember? Certainly I do, but I also remember exactly what I was doing when Challenger exploded. And Mom does remember what she was doing when she heard Kennedy had been shot. But she doesn't really remember Pearl Harbor.

Americans are often lucky to remember last week, much less nine years ago. In some ways it's heartening that we are remembering.

But this is depressing me, and I was supposed to not be depressing, so I'll stop now.
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