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Day Eleven

I really shouldn't listen to NPR all day. Fascinating as it can be, it seems to raise my blood pressure. Why is it Americans are so willing to turn around and give the country BACK to the morons who got us into this hole in the first place? And how is it that letting tax cuts expire will "lose jobs and hurt small businesses" when we haven't seen any evidence that they've actually done any GOOD? (And apparently, some Republicans are of the opinion that letting the tax cuts expire will hurt "most Americans" because apparently, "most" of us earn more than $250,000.)

On the plus side -- "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" is ruled Unconstitutional! Yay!

And now, the photo...

Just before she left Phoenix, framefolly brought us some goodbye presents in a bag. As one might expect, the bag has been a big hit:

Cairo sends catly thanks to framefolly.

Today I had to take half the day off to come home and wait for the plumber. And despite all the fine, high ratings that this company gets all the time, I was not impressed. It ended up being $82 for him to basically tighten some washers, and he replaced two of them "for free," saying that they couldn't be guaranteed because he hadn't charged for them (the addition of the two washers would have brought the total to $158, making me wonder how much they are at Home Depot). I watched him closely in case we need to do this again. Phoo.

Did not finish the little baby afghan I'm making for someone at work whose baby shower is tomorrow. I hope I can finish it before the kid gets here.

It was COOL this morning. Blessed, blessed coolness. Still kinda hot inside the gym's locker room, though. Just about ready to find out what the air conditioning policy is over at L.A. Fitness (as well as the price), especially before next summer. I don't want to spend my summer mornings getting dressed in the steam room anymore.

Slept really well last night, didn't get up even once -- and yet, have spent the whole day headachey and tired. Go figure.
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