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Photo Day Eight, Labor Day

This is why you can never mistake my truck for anyone else's:

And a bonus, my plates, also distinctly me:

Hope everyone else is likewise having a great day off. I don't get a lot of them, so I enjoy them when I get them. I'm getting close to the end of watching Deep Space Nine, which is, hands down, the best of the Star Trek serieses (sorry, TOS fans. It's really a better overall show, just not "Classic 60's Television"). This final season is a bit looser and more lackadasical than previous ones were, and it's no wonder it finally wound down and ended, but my goodness, this bastard stepchild of the ST 'Verse deserved a whole lot more than it ever got.

Also watched a Doctor Four adventure, The Deadly Assassin, which everyone who wants to understand the entirety of The End of Time needs to see, because it explains, well, pretty much everything about the Time Lords, Rassilon, and the Eye of Harmony.

Am now roasting root veggies on the grill and will soon throw the steak out there, too. Barb made pie. But my God, it's HOT today. It's supposed to cool down this week but no sign of that yet!
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