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Hot Friday Afternoon, Three Day Weekend Approacheth

I was playing with the settings on my camera, trying to work the "intense closeup" setting, which I've used to some good effect at least once, but every time I tried to get a shot of Silhouette, he either moved or the "red eye" light would shine in his eyes, irritate him, and he'd move anyway. So I turned the camera around to see where this red light was coming from (since the flash was, of course, turned off anyway), and I somehow managed to take a picture of my father...

Okay, Dad had black hair as an adult (and always wore a military flat-top), but this is spooky.

Yesterday, or day before, I was listening to NPR's Diane Rehm show, and they were discussing the current state of the Republican party. It of course wandered off into the Tea Party, who were not originally made up of Republicans at all, but young Libertarians. Anyway, it got onto what motivates the current "Tea Partiers," and their opinion of Obama. I listened to them talk about the "birthers," and the whole "he's a Muslim!" BS, and dicker back and forth and such, and I wished I could call the show from work, because I really wanted to say "Why won't anyone just SAY it? There's an elephant in the room -- notice it! They fear him BECAUSE HE'S BLACK. When you say 'they fear his otherness,' that's what you mean." I can't help but think that's the main reason those idiotic rumors about his nation of birth or his religion persist. What really bugs me is none of these people were up in arms when Bush's Administration was running up the deficit and sticking their fingers in EVERYONE'S business, but now apparently because there's a moderate, deep-thinking, intelligent man in the White House who is trying to appease both sides AND actually get something done, he's trying to make the country "socialist" and get up his own private army (seriously, they believe this).

And no, I don't think Obama's 100% perfect. Of course he's made mistakes. It's a freaking tough job and he's presiding over a super tough time. He was handed an America mired in two Middle Eastern wars, a ginormous deficit, a plunging economy, and a country so polarized and wildly offset anyone who's a moderate is considered radical by his or her own party. But I can't help but notice that the LAST time the economy was in this bad a shape, the sitting president not only got a second term but ALSO has become nearly an anointed saint to the Republicans (it was the Great Recession of 1982).
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