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The Monday That Comes After

It was a Weekend.

I actually started out on Friday to begin the "365 Day Project" (see fenchurche's journal for the last year, for some AWESOMENESS), but despite having taken some nifty pictures, I didn't post because I got busy doing things around the house and working on my writer's group critiques, and forgot. (Picture #1 will be posted here shortly.) I think the biggest problem I'll have is I don't DO interesting things. I get up, I work out if I'm on top of things, and then I go to work. Then I come home and veg out. Hmmmmmmmm, exciting life!

On Saturday morning I woke early and headed out to help everyone moving bookshelves from the former home of framefolly to the current home of sillymagpie, but I discovered my truck had a flat (puncture -- I had picked up a T-pin somewhere, and the slow leak finally flattened it). We called AAA and Barb headed off for shelf moveage, leaving me to wait. I expected a long one, so I finally got started cleaning out the back of the truck, and was happily vacuuming when AAA showed up (very much faster than I expected). He was a nice guy, and showed me the pin, then filled it with air so I could get over to Costco, where my tire is under warranty BUT it being Saturday morning, I had to wait about an hour and a half before they could get me in to find out that a) it wasn't repairable, and b) a replacement was not in stock. So they put my spare on and said they'd call when the new tire arrived. *sigh* I got up to north Phoenix just as Barb and Maggie finished. (And honest, I did NOT time it that way!) We went to lunch at Chompie's (Jewish/NY Deli in the heart of Phoenix, with very nommy food), then went to take care of important shopping, like getting cat food so we wouldn't be murdered in our beds by starving cats. ("Starving, I tell you!")

I read some back issues of the NY Times (I tend to let it pile up in my in-box the same way I used to let the paper editions pile up by my chair), including some good articles:

Dick Cavett on the "Ground Zero Mosgue" (which is neither):

Frank Rich's take on same.

Opinions on Elena Kagan and gay marriage.

My take on Glenn Beck's march: Making the World Safe for Bigoted White Americans! We need to take back our country from them what want us to accept a black president, gay marriages, and non-Christians!

We had some serious monsoon action Friday and Saturday, and this is what the sky looked like Friday morning:

I don't think I captured the colors perfectly; I'm still playing with the settings on this camera. I just learned how to do timed photos (so I can do self-portraits) and multi-shots, but the latter haven't come out very well so far.

I need to try this. Sad, I know.

Sunday we said goodbye to framefolly, with tremendously delicious dim sum at Great Wall, exchanged early Christmas presents, cried some, and then did the usual weekend shopping for Barb's mom. I came home and fell asleep in the armchair for almost two hours, then forced myself to wake up so I could do something useful before actual bedtime. Finished my critiques.

Want to go back to sleep now. It's only 7:18. *yawn*


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Aug. 31st, 2010 02:39 am (UTC)
oh dear god death on a sandwich (this from someone who is literally eating cheese sticks as she types)

sorry to hear about the truck
Aug. 31st, 2010 03:19 am (UTC)
Cheese sticks, as a grilled cheese sandwich. At least it's mozzarella... *grin*

Well, it could have been worse. At least the tire's covered.
Aug. 31st, 2010 03:31 am (UTC)
That sky is fabulous. I don't see why it can't be pic #1. And you have pets, erego you will never be at a loss for things to take pictures of.
Aug. 31st, 2010 11:39 am (UTC)
I figure a number of days will be cat pictures...


Aug. 31st, 2010 10:56 am (UTC)
[hugs and a happy monsoon]
Aug. 31st, 2010 11:39 am (UTC)
Gonna be dry this week! (Which may be a nice change!) *hugs!*
Aug. 31st, 2010 08:19 pm (UTC)
Glad to I could inspire you! It was several people on my flist who finally motivated me to go for it (I just loved seeing the photos from people all over). And, you know, it doesn't have to all be things you consider fascinating, interesting stuff, because you have no idea what others will consider fascinating and interesting (seriously, there were times when I just threw a photo up because of lack of options and it would surprise me by getting tons of comments).

And don't be afraid to use pictures of your pets. I tried to make sure they were well spaced out, but if you look back through my year, they do show up quite a bit. But really, even the mundane stuff can be interesting... because you've got people on your flist whose lives are nothing like yours.

Glad you were able to get your tire fixed fairly painlessly! But very sad that you've lost framefolly. It doesn't seem right not having her in Arizona anymore.

Okay, that sandwich? Looks totally evil and absolutely wonderful.
Sep. 1st, 2010 01:05 am (UTC)
You are great inspiration! I even want to try geocacheing! (Although that would require Barb and I be, you know, less LAZY! *grin*)

I am very sad about the loss of framefolly. New York's gain is very definitely our loss! *sob*

I know... I tell myself that if I can get below 160 and STAY there a while, I might could treat myself to one (but ONLY one, and only ONCE!).
Sep. 1st, 2010 01:42 am (UTC)
yanno...the 365 day project sounds like so much fun (When I grow up I wanna be a photo-journalist) Is there a main link where the idea originates?

...of course, I couldn't even finish the 30 day television project..... Humm...
Sep. 1st, 2010 02:28 am (UTC)
I just got the idea from fenchurche. She could tell you where she got it from. :-)
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