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I made it through the day

On a little bit less than four hours' sleep. I'm going on a happy Dale high.

I was correct about getting Dale Watson to the Rhythm Room. The place was packed to the rafters and Dale was right on his game, despite some sound problems which had the techies scurrying around checking wires a goodly part of the night. I only got a couple pictures, because I wasn't as close as I'd have liked to be and the telephoto on my old camera died (the new telephoto rahirah got me for an early birthday present arrived today, of course), but I had a wonderful talk with Dale after the show and listened to all the people rave about him, so I left him in an obvious chipper mood and much more receptive to coming back to Phoenix again. I am afraid that when it comes to Dale Watson, I do come dangerously close to being one of those annoying fangirls who can't talk about anything but the object of their obsession... In my case, though, I get hugs and kisses and big "thank yous" from said obsession... But Dale's a sweet, sweet man and a great singer, so I don't mind carrying the banner a little for him. I maintain now and always that HE should be at the top of the country music charts, and not those "country my ass" faux-cowboys that sit there now.

ANYWAY... managed to get through a day at work with my mind only marginally mushy. I only nearly dozed off once, and nearly made a bad mistake late in the day before I came to and fixed it.

Rolling blackouts coming to the Valley, whee. My state is on fire again. I wonder how much of our stands of Ponderosa pine will be left when the drought finally ends? :'(
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