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Equality Rocks

So the first place I hear that Proposition 8 has been overturned in California courts? The BBC World News on NPR. I still gave out a little scream of glee. My marriage is safe (for now). The guy who writes PVP Online tweeted, "Just called my wife to check, but Prop 8 being overturned did not instantly wreck my marriage."

On the whole a really good day. I took a little time off today and managed to finally drag all those old coins from my great-aunt's collection to the coin shop and while it was mostly pennies, many of them were Wheat and Steel pennies (2 and 3 cents each), and there were a few items of real value, such as an oversized $10 bill ($30) and a Franklin Mint 1000-grain silver nugget (also $30). So it all came up to about 174 bucks. Nice!

Stopped at Fry's to pick up some soda for work and found that they have Special Edition Dr Pepper (with REAL SUGAR) available. Got a 12-pack for special treats -- nice to be able to get it without having to have it shipped from Dublin, Texas!

One thought for my birthday. Not sure how that one will fly with anyone except Barb and Maggie, who have come to the ballpark with me before.

Also, for anyone who ever looked at my Amazon wish list and thought that The Complete Hank Williams or The Complete Buck Owens were far too expensive, try this one. Yes, I went "squee." (But I have a Thinkgeek wish list, too; there's never any lack of great gift ideas for Kathy, nosiree. *grin*)

The Elvis Week schedule is up, too.

Another great gift idea for my birthday. I've been measuring the various items which Barb has been teasing me with, and while I always love jewelry and bling and other such things, it's quite possible I'd get the most use out of a good wireless speaker/stereo system for the living room. The one I have is nice, but it's a) not wireless, and b) lacks a number of useful features (it claims to have surround sound, for example, but I never have gotten all the speakers to work all at the same time). But it was free (a Company gift, I think it was my 10th Anniversary present, if I remember correctly).

And now they're saying the oil well in the Gulf IS permanently stopped. Modified rapture.

I remember actually, once, at least respecting Republicans, if I didn't agree with them. This fellow reminds me of why. This is a tremendous article and I hope it strikes enough terror into the moderate heart that maybe more of us can get our voices heard (I really did used to think I was moderate, but these days "conservative" has moved so far to the right that in comparison I'm a very lefty radical).

Oh, and Happy Birthday, Mr. President. (Even if you are a "socialist communist Marxist," which I think may be an oxymoron, but there are so many isms there I'm just not sure anymore...)

Back to normal temps, 114 F with 14% humidity. Aaaahhhhhhh..... (But less than 2 inches of rain during the monsoon so far, which is Not Good.)

Because I am a Television Junkie, I got 100% on this quiz.
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