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Rain! In Phoenix! It's the Apocalypse!


I woke to find the world soaking wet. Must have swept in last night – this morning it was 84 degrees and 77 percent humidity. And this afternoon, we watched from my office as black clouds piled up to the south and east, then gradually wrapped around us, to start raining just as we were leaving; it followed me all the way back to Phoenix, dumped still MORE rain, and then moved on. Whew!

Bo does not wish to go outside in the rain. When I got home I went to let him out, and he wanted to go, but he took one step, got his head wet, and came running back in to jump on me asking, "Why? Why is it wet? FIX IT!" He did this twice before I just let him stay in, because it was obvious he didn't have to go potty and he sure didn't like the rain.

Today a gal I work on a committee with came over to my desk and said, “Hey, I didn’t know you were a Doctor Who fan,” at the sight of my desk, and when I confirmed this fairly obvious fact (only a few people even know "who" is on the calendar at all) she told me her cousin worked for the BBC back in the 60’s and was one of the fellows who saved a lot of the early stuff from being thrown away – he was actually the one who saved them, took ‘em home and ended up selling them back when the Beeb realized there was a market for re-runs! How cool is that?

All geared up for Elvis tonight! They're showing the documentary Elvis On Tour at select theaters tonight in preparation of its first release on DVD (and also for what they're calling the "75th Anniversary," which means Elvis would have been 75 this year). I'm not sure why in July instead of during Elvis Week next month, but I decided as soon as I got the information that I was going. Hey, I never got to see him live, this will be the next best thing. (I actually have seen one of these documentaries on the big screen, but I think I was 12 at the time and he was still alive, so it didn’t make the impression on me it could have done; can’t even remember now if it was “Elvis on Tour” or “Elvis: That’s The Way It Is.” The latter has been on DVD for years, though.)

Politico: I wouldn’t object to Arizona’s SB 1070 at all if it required the cops to check EVERYONE’S status at EVERY stop. “Reasonable suspicion” puts a burden on police to make some sort of spot decision when they stop someone for, say, a blown taillight-- if said person speaks with an accent, or has dark skin, or something else which can’t help but be racially motivated, that makes things extremely hard on honest cops (and of course there are some). Therefore, all citizens should be checked. What’s law for one should be law for all. I know way too many people who are here legally from a lot of different countries, many of whom are naturalized citizens. We’re supposed to be a freakin’ melting pot, people. Sheesh. (Today at Sprouts I saw a woman--a white woman--wearing a button which read "I MIGHT be illegal," and I wanted to cheer her.)
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