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Roasted chicken from Costco and a bottle of wine

I stopped at Costco this evening to pick up my prescription and bought one of their pre-made rotisserie chickens. To this we added mashed potatoes and wonderful green beans from Trader Joe's and it was a very nommy meal. In fact, while we've tried the pre-made chickens from other places before, the Costco one is by far the best; it's both flavorful and juicy, not dry at all, and makes a good gravy, too.

I drove through some rain this afternoon, the first rain I've seen since April (although apparently it's rained in SOME pockets of the Valley in the last two weeks). It really didn't rain much at home, though; it was very heavy down on Oak and 28th Street, but by the time I reached Thomas it was pretty much gone.

No changes in the weight loss struggle.

I really, really like the new Sherlock.

Speaking of boycotts:

Shame. I liked Target, too.

Am I a very bad writer in that I can't seem to get moving on actual submissions? (Maybe I've just lost confidence in my actual manuscript.)

Things kept waking me up last night. I didn't get to the gym this morning and am very tired. Am also full of cake and that is bad when considering not going to the gym. I have to stop baking on the weekends (or really, get serious about losing weight if I really want to do that). Problem appears to be that of all the side effects of hormone therapy, it seems the one I got was "appetite changes," in that I'm ravenous within an hour of eating, especially during the day. I got some fruit and carrots to get me through the days at work.
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