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More fun with Arizona personalized plates

Yesterday I worked much later than I usually do, so I joined the flood of people absconding from our office park and ended up behind a little blue mini van. First I noticed the license plate frame, which read "Help Help I'm Being Repressed," which amused me, then I noticed their plate itself read "BLDY PST." *snort* That made me very happy.

This also made me happy:

I haven't tried to see if my cats even notice the bank. Nope. At least, Cairo doesn't really care.

My massage therapist was appalled by my shoulders this evening. I seem to have reverted to where I was when I started going. I apparently need to relax. I need to get to the mountains. Now that rain is actually starting up there, they've eased some of the campfire restrictions. I could go camping. That would also make me very happy.
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