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Even air conditioning is insufficient

I can't be a responsible adult and clean all the things when it's too hot to do anything. Even inside, if I start DOING anything, I start sweating. The humidity has kicked into full gear and it's supposed to top 111*F today. Blerg.

On the other hand, it's the best time of year to go to Costco and roam around inside the veggie cooler.

The cats got out when we came back from Costco and stayed outside for about twenty minutes before screaming to come back in, and now they are both camped out flat on the coffee table. Dummies.

I want to go to Trader Joe's and Total Wine, but that would require going OUTSIDE again.

Of course, I have to go outside and hang up the rest of the clothes. The laundry was not the horror I expected, considering I didn't do any of it last week. As often happens, I hang out a load of black t-shirts and wonder if all geeks have at least one of those loads per week...

I REALLY need to vacuum. And mop the floor. And get a laptop desk so this HOT COMPUTER isn't sitting directly on my legs...

Way to go, Argentina. I bought some Argentinian Malbec (recommended last week by Snooth) to celebrate.
Tags: my god it's hot, shopping, weather
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