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OMG it's hot

Okay, NOW Phoenix resembles the description that Tony Dinozzo gave it when he and Ziva came here back in a November episode. It was "only" 110 today, and so humid that movement meant that one was instantly coated in sweat. I went out early this morning to cover up my (still broken) rear window just in case of rain and was hard-pressed to take the few steps around the house to where the truck is parked. We knew we wanted to go out and get the shopping done (and, in fact, HAD to get cat food, lest there be a revolt), but neither of us could stir out the door until after noon (which, in retrospect, was a mistake). (The current weather is 107, but apparently it only feels like 105. Bite me.) We got the shopping done and then came home. That's it.

The crock pot is filled with ropa viejo, the fancy Spanish term for pulled pork (it actually means "old clothes," because that's kinda what pulled pork looks like), all spicy and tender, and Bo has demolished the shoulder joint that the meat all fell off of after about six hours of cooking.

Apparently this was the week of nothing, since my DVR is completely empty, except for a few saved items, like an episode of Simply Ming wherein he prepares fried shrimp Kung Pao, which I want to make, and the Boston Pops celebration, which I was going to transfer to the PC but for some reason PC and Tivo aren't playing nice right now. (They can see each other, but they won't transfer shows.)

On the plus side, in addition to the crock pot filled with pork, there are fresh rolls to eat said pork on, avocados which Barb will turn into World's Greatest Guacamole to go with, chocolate cake in the oven (I have been wanting chocolate cake for a while, and despite turning on the oven = evil, I went ahead and made one, anyway), AND my "Complete Farscape" arrived, one of the little things I got for myself with the little extra money I had. There are also figs. Lots and lots and LOTS of figs. It's fig time! And there's Rainier cherries in the fridge.

Also, chocolate cake aside, I have lost eight pounds in the last month, and that with hardly any exercise. Go, me. (My goal is to weigh 148 pounds on my birthday. It's a tough goal, but doable, I think. It would put me three pounds over my college weight, the weight I was at when I was told I had to lose 20 pounds to stay in the Army and I quit ROTC.)

Adopt one today! * Adopt one today! * Adopt one today! * Adopt one today! * Adopt one today!

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