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I Hate Enterprise

They might pick you up, but they don't accept cash (or debit cards) for the security deposit without, apparently, several months' worth of utility bills which prove you live where your driver's license says you do. Only credit cards. None of these are items I carry with me, so I could not rent the car I eserved via Priceline, and was forced to walk several blocks back to the bus stop, where I waited fifteen minutes for the 56 northbound (and discovered that on-board all-day bus prices have gone up to $5.25 over the $3.50 it costs if you buy a week in advance online--and you must get an "all day" if you're going to make transfers, otherwise you have to pay for each trip as a "single trip," for $2.25 per ride), to make a connection with the 41 westbound on Washington where I waited 20 minutes, then to connect with the 32 northbound on 32nd Street where I waited at least 20 minutes to connect at 32nd and Thomas with the 10 north/westbound for another fifteen minutes to get me home (more or less) at Clarendon and 28th Street. I get off work at 3:15. I got home at 5:30 (too late to get to the Budget Rental office up the street, sadly).

Despite the connection Enterprise has with my company, I ain't giving them any more of my business. There was no flexibility in their "corporate guidelines" (he assured me it was a "company mandate" that was causing this idiocy) at all. It was ridiculous.

The really sad thing is, I have approximately $2,000 in my bank account right now, and told him he could run that debit card for the $250 deposit with no trouble. Why is this not acceptable in lieu of a credit card???

It was 111 today. I had to stand in the sun at Washington and 32nd Street. Thinking I was going to have a rental, I didn't have any water with me and I was hauling my purse and my usual lunch sack/bag, which I would have left at the office if I'd known. I neglected to bring a book, so during all the waiting all I had to do was ponder how angry, how hot, and how miserable I was.

I also forgot my badge in the truck (fortunately got to the garage just before they closed and my wonderful mechanic let me in to get it). I did not get home in time to get to the pharmacy (which closes at six) to get my medication, nor in time to get over to the Insight place for x-rays.

Am now hungry, cranky, and not in the mood to cook. Someone should present me with a Teriyaki Bowl.

At least it's cool in the house. (Even if Bo stole the brand-new, sealed box of buttermilk powder off the counter and chewed it up on the rug. Go figure dogs.)

Adopt one today! * Adopt one today! * Adopt one today! * Adopt one today! * Adopt one today!

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