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Oh how the mood swings

So despite the happy post of yesterday, for some reason by the time I went to bed I was starting to dive, and spent a strangely restless night filled with strange (and now forgotten) dreams, as well as one point in the night (around 2:30 or so) I came fully awake CERTAIN I could hear a radio or the television on in the living room, with the murmuring sound of someone talking (a male voice). I strained to hear, then got up and checked, but the living room was silent. Then around 4:00 Cairo started meowing, and he meowed on and off until I got up at 5:15, although I was actually finally asleep enough that it was actually 5:16 before I got up and turned the alarm off (and I'm rather surprised Barb didn't poke me).

I am filled with vague and disturbing unrest, worry about things I really have no control over and know if I DO agitate, I'll just make the situation worse, so I have to sit on my hands, keep my mouth shut, and hope for the best.

Nonetheless, stomach not happy post-dinner (as it was not happy last night after eating a couple of cookies). It's very rare I hit the "too depressed to be hungry" stage, since I'm usually the other way around. Bleah.

In the meantime, some humor:

"My cats don't do anything":

typographer posted this one on Twitter, and it's a riot for geeks who enjoy BBC television:

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