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Wrappin' up the Weekend

Yesterday was a good day! We did a little shopping in the morning at Costco, then came home and cleaned the house for a big Chinese Won Ton party, with all the usual faces plus framefolly's wonderful Mum, who made us pork-and-shrimp filling and taught us how to fill won tons, then she boiled them up with some delicious soup and celery salad (which was the YUM), and we had a great time making and eating for some hours!

I introduced everyone to the delightful Arrested Development, since framefolly requested a chance to see it (and now I have to watch it all again, myself).

Watched the season finale of Doctor Who, and quite frankly, BEST SEASON FINALE, EVER (okay, Parting of the Ways may have been better, but I may have liked this one more). Not a spot of over-the-toppiness, just a good solid ripping action story with a few sniffles here, a couple of laughs there, and all-and-sundry heading off in the TARDIS for the next adventure!

Today we trotted out to get the Mom's shopping done and do up a few of her chores, and now I'm just kicking back doing a few things while watching more of the astounding Season Five of Deep Space Nine. Captain Sisko rocks.

I've done no writing in a week or so; I think my mind's going through a "down phase." I have a lot of disconnected scenes running around in my head, but nothing important or fully intact.

I've been doing very well diet-wise, so naturally today all I want to do is snack. Must resist impulse to eat more cookies!
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