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Friday, Friday, Thank Goodness, it's FRIDAY

I have somehow managed to put a gigantic bruise on my hand. I have a vague memory of hitting it on something and saying “ouch,” but I don’t remember specifics (which means it couldn't have been as bad as it looks), and in the meantime – ouch. Also ouch, I almost sliced off the tip of my little finger washing a new, sharp knife this morning; such a fine, little cut it just stings and stings (fortunately, not very deep -- stingy, but not bleedy).

Random thoughts of the week: lately I’ve seen a strange trend, wherein a lot of commentators and reviewers and the like are saying that gay actors can’t (or shouldn’t) play straight characters.

Uh… wha…?

I can’t figure it out at all. Gay actors have played straight characters for years (centuries!!!); leaving aside the current crop like Neil Patrick Harris (Barney, notorious ladies man) or Dan Butler (lecherous Bulldog, from Fraiser), go back in time and consider the entire catalog of work from closeted men like Rock Hudson, Gary Grant, and Randolph Scott! And what about the other way around, straight men who play gay characters? Billy Crystal, Eric McCormack, Heath Ledger, Patrick Stewart, Steven Weber; would these people think all of these actors played their roles badly? What about lesbian actors? Portia de Rossi plays very convincingly straight, I think (I didn’t even know she was gay until she and Ellen got married!); and what about Jane Lynch? Sara Gilbert? Wanda Sykes? Lily Tomlin? Not to mention Marlene Dietrich!

The essence of acting is being someone who you are not – playing a role. One of my favorite parts was Owen Glendower – and believe me, we didn’t make him female so I could play him! (Or any of the other parts in Henry the Fourth, Part One, wherein our drama department was approximately 7 to 1 female, so a good two-thirds of the mostly-male roles went to girls). I always get on this when I hear that someone should not play "against type." A good actor can play ANYONE or ANYTHING. ANYWAY... /rant

Now, I'm as much against Arizona's SB 1070 as anyone with a brain, but at least I am fully aware that Arizona actually borders Mexico (and the honest problems we've had with drug smugglers), unlike Democrat County Supervisor Peggy West of Milwaukee, who apparently doesn't realize this, and is definitely giving Democrats a bad name. (If you are Democrat or left-leaning, don't read the comments, they just cause high blood pressure.)

Reading my Flist had given me the urge to re-watch Farscape. We started it with framefolly a few weeks ago, but she waits for no one and has wisely been watching it online, something I have trouble doing (I like watching TV and working on my computer at the same time, so I very, very rarely watch TV on my computer), so I'm either going to have to rent it all again OR finally break down and buy the "Complete Series" that was just released...

The crock pot is full of butter beans, bacon, and hot dog chunks, all nicely seasoned and smelling delicious.

I am so very glad it's Friday. I'm once again wiped out and exhausted for no good reason and I will happily sleep in tomorrow (even though I should get up, move the truck, and rake the gravel in my driveway).

Adopt one today! * Adopt one today! * Adopt one today! * Adopt one today! * Adopt one today!

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