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All righty then

Here it is Sunday night. What have I accomplished?

I did manage to finish burning CDs for people, but didn't get them in the mail because the post office was out of the correct size envelopes. Have to stop at Walgreen's. Had to add some John Prine to the list because several people on my Dwight fan list have never heard of him, and I needed to repair this lack.

I finished three of the five reviews I needed to do but got stuck on the one I didn't really like much. :/ Still, got something done. I did not finish Mark Brine's biography.

Yesterday I made chocolate brioche, which came out very well. A fairly complex recipe, and yes, one must use the Kitchenaide mixer to knead the dough. The egg whites left over from the four yolks needed for the brioche made decent meringue cookies this time.

Did some vaccuming and dusting, rearranged a few shelves, did a little shopping, and while small accomplishments were accomplished, there's still a buttload of things I haven't gotten done, like cleaning this office.

I'm almost ready to go through my record collection and sell off a lot of my vinyl. Some of those records haven't seen a needle in 20 years. And Carson says if you haven't used something in over a year you should throw it away. Hmmm.

I watched in fascination as rahirah filled a glass stein with milk and started to lift it to her lips for a drink when the bottom of said stein BURST off the bottom of the glass and sent the milk out in a Sam-Peckinpaw-ish spray all over the kitchen. It was amazing. The stein was about six months old (it was a Christmas gift from friends). Weird. The glass was at room temperture, so it wasn't even the reaction of cold milk hitting hot glass or anything like that.

And that was my weekend.

A little over a week until DALE WATSON comes back to town, and I'm a happy camper.

Taken from Nim's LJ:

Dark Water
You come from Dark Water. You are solitary and
find peace in yourself, or maybe you're
turmoiled but pull off peace.

Where Did Your Soul Originate?
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