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I didn't do half the things I planned to do this weekend

I was going to make some new icons. Ran out of time, despite being lazy today.

I was going to make cookies, but we didn't realize we were totally out of butter. Well, plenty of berries and cream, which is probably better, anyway. (We have blackberries, strawberries, and blueberries, as well as grapes and Rainier cherries! My favorite fruits time of year!)

Did finish up with S4 Deep Space Nine, though. Will be able to do some DVDs now that most everything I watch is either in repeats or canceled. Although Leverage and Psych will be back for the summer.

Cute overload:

The dress I adore at Pyramid Collection is on the Clearance page (more than half off!). Should I be VERY bad and get it while I can?
Tags: food, shopping, weekend
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