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Ah, summer, time for the "don't be an idiot" barrage

Come the middle of June or so, you can't turn around without someone warning newcomers to the Valley to keep out of the flooded washes. This is sage advice, advice that long-time Arizonans get tired of hearing and roll our eyes at, because, well, DUH. Yes, it's perfectly safe when it's dry, and yes, it's dry 98% of the time. But that other 2%? It can be the most dangerous waterway you've ever seen in your life and it CAN sweep you, your vehicle (no matter what it is; the local Television stations just LOVE showing the washes carrying away Hummers, Semi tractors, and even a heavy-loader Caterpillar bulldozer), your house, your parking lot, or anything else it feels like, away. It can kill you. Stay out of the water.

One year, back in the 80's, we were up in far north Phoenix (before it was built up) and there was a full wash -- we didn't know about it, because it was dark and it was late and we didn't see it until my headlights disappeared under the water. Somehow, someway, we got out of that wash, but it's not anything I would have done had I seen it, and I certainly wouldn't drive around any barriers to try and cross a wash (which some people, Lord save them, do; and that is why Arizona has "stupid motorist" laws, requiring you to recompense the rescue teams required to fish you out if you're swept away).

Arizona's climate is a vast mass of contradictions. Right now, early-to-mid June, it's becoming blazingly hot (that sort of hot where you just can't describe it as anything but), but it's still dry. Really, really dry. But next week is the "official" start of the monsoon season (for some reason a few years ago they stopped calling it after three consecutive days of a dewpoint average of 51 or higher), and with the monsoons comes the potential for flash floods. We may not have a wet one; we haven't had a really, really WET monsoon in many years (although last year wasn't too bad). But all it takes is one good storm, and WHAM!

Of course, just to prove everyone wrong, this weekend it's going to drop back into the low 90's, and yes, this is a place where 93 degrees is a "big cooldown."

I am very tired. I was so tired yesterday I was having shakes. And yet, despite drooping around all day yesterday I couldn't sleep AGAIN last night.

Adopt one today! * Adopt one today! * Adopt one today! * Adopt one today! * Adopt one today!

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