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It's Wednesday?

I haven't posted since Saturday. Apparently, I've been busy.

Right after I posted that, we left for the Phoenix Art Museum, where we saw the rather spectacular Ansel Adams exhibit. Sadly, a lot of the museum is under construction, so many of the usual galleries were closed, but I'm always pleased to stare endlessly at the strangery that is Philip Curtis's work, and while some of the modern art is a little TOO artsy for my tastes, on the whole it was a very good day, and I was deeply sad I had no money at all to get an Ansel Adams print (or anything else), since there was a lot of very nifty stuff at the Museum Store.

Then we stopped at a cute little thrift shop that just opened up across the street (still no money, couldn't buy anything), then watched a Bollywood movie (Chalte Chalte, not the best we've seen, but cute). Then Barb and I started to get ready for our planned Memorial Day Weekend project, painting the window wall of the bedroom.

Sunday we took care of the usual weekly shopping (watched Dr. Who, of course), washed and prepped the wall, pulled up a lot of the old icky carpet, and managed to get a lot done, but it was really Monday when we got the bulk of the job finished, including the closet wall, as well (only one wall in the house left to paint, but that requires moving bookshelves, including the vast amount of books thereon). We had to get some more paint and we still haven't hung the drapes, but a lot is done now.

We did discover, upon pulling up the bedroom carpet, more of the changes that must have been made to this house -- apparently several feet were ADDED to that side of the house; the back wall of our bedroom used to be level with the office room. The original foundation ends a foot or so outside of our closet, there's a strip of bad concrete patch where the wall was, and then a newer foundation of concrete (that frankly isn't nearly as nice as the original). I'd love to see if the original blueprints for this house are still on file anywhere. We discovered evidence of walls being different when we pulled the carpet in the living room.

Once we get the drapes up, I'll post pictures...

Monday we also grilled up burgers and I made Alton Brown's "The Once and Future Beans," which have yet to come out as good as the first batch I made (tasty, but the first batch was the best), and potato salad.

On Tuesday, I took care of the chores I had neglected on the weekend, the usual, laundry, vacuuming, mopping, etc.

Today I am tired (Cairo has decided that I need to pet him all night; I've woken up several times in the last few nights petting him already. When I put him out of the bedroom, he can literally spend hours crying). I don't feel exactly RIGHT. Now after a delicious dinner (Barb made salmon with mango salsa), my stomach hurts. Stupid body.

And we still have to take Bo to his obedience class tonight.

Adopt one today! * Adopt one today! * Adopt one today! * Adopt one today! * Adopt one today!

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