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There have been many Monday nights

This one's not too bad.

Thanks to cornerofmadness for the nifty sunglasses!

Wow, what a GREAT ending for Season 3!!! It had pathos and action and a lot of tense moments and all the humor and fun I expect from Chuck. NBC had better bring it back next season, because the setup IS AMAZING. Am very sad they killed Dr. Bartowski, though. (I have a hard time with him as Steven Bartowski, though; I keep almost calling him Dr. Beckett.) For all he doesn't look ANYTHING like either actor playing Chuck or Ellie, I still adored him as their dad and am very sad at his demise. But snaps to Chuck the Nerd for exposing Shaw like he did. Woot.

I'm depressed again. Not sure why. Been pondering LOST all day. Was considering taking some "Me" time this week, but with half the crew gone and the other half sick, I don't see it happening. I want gooey pizza. Instead bought a nice thin crispy crust with chicken. But have eaten far too many of my chocolate-chip crack peanut-butter cookies. Still want more and am NOT hungry. Must discourage this.
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